Vocational Work Trucks

Steering Conversions

Our steering conversion allows the truck to be operated from the left or right side of the vehicle to improve visibility with curb-side operations. All controls to operate the truck are relocated to a centralized location for easy access. The applications for this modification include street sweeping, refuse, leaf and debris removal, highway paint striping, and pesticide spraying.

Cab Modifications

We provide cab modifications that maintain the structural integrity of the cab while achieving the original factory aesthetics. These modifications include the Narrow Cab and Raised Roof modification.

OEM Ship-Thru

Our modification centers are strategically located near leading car and truck manufacturing facilities, supporting ultimate customer convenience and smooth ship-thru arrangements, especially when conversions are performed on brand new vehicles.

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Fontaine Advantage

Fontaine’s 40+ year history provides us with exceptional experience, commercial vehicle and industry insights and an extensive understanding of OEM platforms and all relevant FMVSS standards.

​Multiple Locations

Our modification centers are strategically located near truck manufacturing facilities, supporting ultimate customer convenience and ship-thru arrangements.

Customer Experience

With a dedicated team of account managers, we ensure that you will receive consistent communication, dependable solutions and our flexibility to immediately adjust to requested changes as they arise.

Chassis Modifications

For decades, Fontaine Modification has been the company that the leading OEMs and fleets have turned to when they need chassis modifications. Properly modifying chassis for specific applications is a highly specialized field that requires experience, engineering expertise and the wherewithal to meet FMVSS standards

Electric & Alternative Fuels

Electric commercial vehicles is one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S.  As a contract manufacturer, Fontaine Modification converts internal combustion vehicles to full electric vehicles at several of our locations.  Gaining experience with production of multiple systems, our Engineering Team can support your needs to optimize mechanical installation or system integration.

Body Installations

Fontaine body installations allows customers and dealers the option to order a truck with a body, which removes complexity from the body installation and delivery process.  Not only does this save a significant amount of time and money for our customers and dealers, but Fontaine assures a high-quality installation and integration.


Adding a driving front axle is a frequent option of trucks that travel off road.  And, additional axles may be specified to improve the load capacities of many chassis.  They may be mounted in front of, or behind, the drive axles.  A full range of lift and steerable versions are available.