Idle Reduction


APUs provide heating and air conditioning to a sleeper cab while reducing tractor engine idling, ultimately lowering fuel and maintenance costs.  We are an authorized installer the  major systems on the market and accommodate any of your APU requests.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can play a vital in idle reduction.  They can prevent engine idling by supporting hotel loads without draining a truck's batteries.  Another important benefit of solar systems is jump start avoidance.  It can minimize the needs for roadside assistance calls for jump starts by keeping the batteries charged.  

OEM Ship-Thru

Our modification centers are strategically located near leading car and truck manufacturing facilities, supporting ultimate customer convenience and smooth ship-thru arrangements, especially when conversions are performed on brand new vehicles.

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Idle Smart

Idle Smart is an automated start-stop solution that reduces vehicle idle time and increases vehicle uptime.  We work directly with the manufacturer to ensure proper installation.

Maxwell Capacitors

The Maxwell capacitor will replaces the starter battery and works in tandem with the other batteries to deliver reliable power at ignition to ensure your truck will always start.