Electric & Alternative Fuels

Electric Vehicles

Electric commercial vehicles is one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S.  As a contract manufacturer, Fontaine Modification converts internal combustion vehicles to full electric vehicles at several of our locations.  Gaining experience with production of multiple systems, our Engineering Team can support your needs to optimize mechanical installation or system integration.

Natural Gas

We provide multiple solutions for all of your alternative fuel needs. Our engineering teams works diligently with the OEM’s to ensure the system is correctly spec’d for your application before the trucks or fuel systems are built. Including the installations of CNG back of cab tank cabinets, CNG dual side saddle tanks systems, CNG powered APU’s and LNG saddle tank fuel systems.

OEM Ship-Thru

Our modification centers are strategically located near leading car and truck manufacturing facilities, supporting ultimate customer convenience and smooth ship-thru arrangements, especially when conversions are performed on brand new vehicles.

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Hybrid Solutions

A hybrid vehicle, or range extender uses two or more distinct types of power.  Common configurations include a gas or diesel engine that acts as an electric generator to charge the vehicles batteries.  Fontaine has the production and engineering resources and locations ready to convert vehicles to hybrid configurations.