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Chassis Modifications

For decades, Fontaine Modification has been the company that the leading OEMs and fleets have turned to when they need chassis modifications. Properly modifying chassis for specific applications is a highly specialized field that requires experience, engineering expertise and the wherewithal to meet FMVSS standards. Our in-house product development team designs and engineers every chassis modification to best meet the customer’s specific needs.

  • Component relocation

  • Telma retarder installation

  • Heavy-duty fender installation

  • Body company chassis prep

  • PTO installation

  • Lengthening, or shortening, the wheelbase 

Our chassis modification services include:

  • Drop-frame and step-frame conversions

  • Wheelbase changes

  • Tag or pusher lift axle installation

  • Frame extensions

  • Winch and specialty bumper installation

  • Exhaust modification

  • Frame body drilling

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