Chassis Equipment


Need storage for required tools for the job?  We work with several toolbox manufactures to provide the right toolbox that can be accommodated by the truck.

Cab Racks

For behind the cab storage we supply and install cab racks that can include multiple door enclosures, chain hangers and internal shelving.

OEM Ship-Thru

Our modification centers are strategically located near leading car and truck manufacturing facilities, supporting ultimate customer convenience and smooth ship-thru arrangements, especially when conversions are performed on brand new vehicles.

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Chain Hangers

Tire chain hangers allow storage for the tire chains at the chassis for the driver.  Options include locking covers or removable lids.

Automatic Tire Chains

Instant traction for drivers can be accomplished by installing automatic tire chains.  Our suppliers are the leaders of this product in the industry and we work closely with them to ensure the correct for the truck type and application.

Fenders & Mud Flaps

Spray suppression is an item for any truck.  Our offering fenders include the most popular material types from poly to stainless steel and configuration from half fenders to full tandem fenders.

Auto Lubrication System

Automatic lubrication systems provide continuous uptime and productivity by providing on demand lubrication for critical components of a truck.  We work with manufacturers to ensure the system you request is customized to your truck's specifications.

Hydraulic Fifth Wheel

Hydraulic lifting fifth wheels allow tractors to be dual purpose by providing the ability to haul freight over the road and to spot trailers on the yard.  We supply and install the equipment you need to achieve to most from your tractor.