Bulk Hauling

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic "wet kit" systems are installed to tractors to allow the operation of various types of trailers (dump, walking floor, etc.).  We design and customize each system per the customer's application to ensure proper operation when paired with a trailer.

Pumps, Blowers & PTOs

Regardless of the type of product you are hauling in bulk (liquid or dry), we can provide the necessary offloading equipment to transfer the product from your tank trailer to the next storage container.

OEM Ship-Thru

Our modification centers are strategically located near leading car and truck manufacturing facilities, supporting ultimate customer convenience and smooth ship-thru arrangements, especially when conversions are performed on brand new vehicles.

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Custom System Design

Our experienced engineers are available to work directly with your team as a resource, if needed, to customize a system that provides efficiency and optimal functionality for your application.