Auxiliary Power Units

Auxiliary power units (APUs) are portable, truck-mounted systems that can provide climate control and power for trucks without idling the main truck engine. APUs can reduce a fleet’s cost of operation significantly. And, Fontaine is one of the highest volume APU installers in the country.



Fontaine Modification is a Certified Installer of:

  • Diesel powered - Thermo King TriPac | Carrier Comfort Pro

  • Electric powered - ClimaCab | Dometic | Bergstrom | Nite

  • eNow Solar Systems - to extend electric APU run time

The benefits of APUs include:

  • Reduced fuel consumption.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Less engine idling.

  • Power for computers and appliances on board.

  • Reduced emissions.

  • Compliance with government regulations


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