At Fontaine

We provide customers high quality solutions to address transportation needs drawing on our      in-depth transportation knowledge and a skilled, enthusiastic organization.


Industry Leader

For more than 40 years, Fontaine Modification has been the truck modification leader.

We are North America’s most comprehensive provider of post-production truck modification services for OEMs, dealers and fleets. Our in-depth technical and engineering expertise, coupled with our process quality and service capabilities, enables our customers to move their trucks into operation faster and with greater reliability.


We have exclusive ship-thru agreements with the leading OEMs to maximize end-user convenience and minimize delivery costs. These ship-thru arrangements expedite final delivery time from orders anywhere in North or Central America and facilitate modification efforts with minimal financial impact. We provide engineering solutions to meet customers’ unique requirements and specific applications, all while adhering to federal safety standards.

Our reputation and history have been built on our innovative solutions, excellence in engineering, superior workmanship, unmatched warranty, and outstanding customer service.

We are:

  • Appreciated for our market-segment knowledge and fully engineered designs.

  • Respected for our compliance expertise.

  • Recognized for our contributions to industry innovations.

  • Admired for our high standards of quality.

  • Praised for our speed to market.

  • Remembered for our excellence in customer service and support.

  • Valued for our more than 40 years of industry excellence.

Fontaine provides customers with quality solutions that fit their specific transportation needs - seamlessly and efficiently.
We are committed to doing the right thing - for our customers, our community, and the environment.
Employees are valued and respected for their knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm.
It's not a choice, it is how we think.
We encourage each other to be the best at what we do.
First in our thoughts and actions - in the workplace and in our products.
The Fontaine Advantage

Quality Engineered into All We Do

Quality at Fontaine Modification is not simply a slogan or a poster on the wall. We’ve designed our entire work process, from user requirements definition to design engineering to pre-delivery testing, to be focused on quality outcomes and consistent repeatability. Every finished truck, from first to last, is quality engineered throughout.


For new designs and fleet orders we often invite the customer for a "Pilot Review" of the first vehicle. This extra step assures customer satisfaction with our designs.

Engineering Expertise, Rapid Prototyping, Problem Solving 

Experience Counts

With 40+ years of engineering and modification experience, Fontaine Modification is able to build upon our deep understanding of existing OEM platforms to professionally solve even the most complex custom modifications. Working from a “think and plan first” perspective, we use our engineering capabilities to design the best and safest solution for every application.


Our long history and industry insight enable us to provide you with the guidance and proven design expertise to help you select the most effective modification possible and comply with FMVSS regulations

OEM Integration Saves Shipping Cost and Time

Relationships Matter

Fontaine has established partnerships with the leading truck OEMs. Our modification centers are strategically located near their manufacturing facilities for ultimate customer convenience and ship-thru arrangements. As a result, we can move your new trucks directly from the OEM assembly line to one of our modification centers and then return them to the OEM equalized freight system and on to their final destination with limited shipping costs. Your new trucks will get out into the field in the shortest amount of time possible.

Small Company Care with Big Company Security

Despite our leadership role in the industry, Fontaine is still very much the small business it was 40 years ago; we’ve just added some big company benefits. A call to any of our modification centers will get you into the GM or engineering production manager. 

In addition to this personalized attention, you’ll also receive the industry’s strongest warranty coverage, providing full and comprehensive indemnification (not just an insurance policy), backed by the financial strength and reputation of Marmon Holdings and our parent company, Berkshire Hathaway.

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