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Fontaine’s 30+ year history provides us with exceptional experience, commercial vehicle and industry insights and an extensive understanding of OEM platforms and all relevant FMVSS standards.


We take that experience and knowledge and apply it to every challenge our customers put before us. By focusing on engineering a solution before we cut, weld or bolt-on a part, we can assure that our customers receive the highest quality and safest modifications possible.


We’ve designed our entire work process, from user requirements definition to design engineering to pre-delivery testing, for quality output—and are proud of our quality results and consistent repeatability. Every finished truck, from first to last, is quality engineered throughout.


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We are equipped to solve even the most complex custom modifications and ensure consistently high quality, fast turnaround times and innovative solutions.

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Steering Conversions

Stand Up Right Drive (SURD)

For curbside pick-up and delivery applications, drivers may get in and out of their commercial vehicle 600-800 times each day. With the added steering wheel, gauges, accelerator and brake pedals, Stand Up Right Drive allows the driver to operate the vehicle from a standing position, improving ease and efficiency on the job.


The right side conversion typically includes:





Sit Down Dual Drive (SDDD)

Fontaine Modification supports waste management companies and municipalities by providing Sit Down Dual Drive modifications on many commercial truck models. Street sweeping, road striping and refuse collection all require dual driving stations to efficiently accomplish their objectives.


To provide a smooth transition from operating on the left to the right side of the vehicle, our modifications feature toggle-to-work engagement devices, right-side operator pedals and easy access to dash-mounted controls. Controls are specifically positioned for familiarity to increase driver safety.

We use OEM components when possible so that you may easily obtain replacements parts through your local dealer.

Cab Modifications

Fontaine Modification recognizes that a truck direct from the factory does not meet every application need. That’s why we offer a wide range of cab modifications to customize the vehicle to fit our customers’ specific applications while meeting all applicable FMVSS standards.

Sleeper to Day Cab Conversions

Converting your integral sleeper truck into a day cab is a specialty at Fontaine Modification. OEM components are used when possible, making it easy for you to find replacement parts through your local dealer.








Low Roof Auto Hauler

Shorter is better in the auto hauling industry. Lower cab height means greater flexibility in positioning vehicles. With our engineering and design skills, Fontaine Modification will help you achieve the lowest ground to top-of-cab height available, based on the model of truck and the chassis’ basic specifications.

All Wheel & Four Wheel Drive Conversions

Fontaine's sister company, Marmon-Herrington, provides all-wheel drive system installations on OEM chassis for military and commercial applications.  Installations are engineered to stand up to the rigors of operating in the most severe conditions.




For more information, contact Marmon-Herrington.

Chassis Modifications

For decades, Fontaine Modification has been the company that the leading OEMs and fleets have turned to when they need chassis modifications. Properly modifying chassis for specific applications is a highly specialized field that requires experience, engineering expertise and the wherewithal to meet FMVSS standards. Our in-house product development team designs and engineers every chassis modification to best meet the customer’s specific needs.


Our chassis modification services include:


Paint Services

Fontaine Modification offers high-volume paint processing of components and assemblies. We paint cabs, change colors on trucks and apply additional colors or striping not typically offered by OEMs. And we offer both booth processing and conveyor processing to meet most production paint needs.

Booth Process

With our booth processing system, we can paint and bake parts or assemblies, up to 50’ long x 10’ wide and 10’ high, the size of a full-size tractor and trailer. Our proven approach ensures consistent turnaround time and reduces in-process transit handling.


Conveyer Paint Processes

Fontaine’s conveyor paint processing stations are flexible in design, allowing for rack development for exclusive use with your product paint needs. With this system, we can paint thousands of pieces per hour with consistent quality and coverage.

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